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we are circles learning

We develop circles, the app that makes online learning social. At its heart, the app connects learners around 'circles' (groups of 2-5 people each), and helps learners self-administer their circles.

Circles app works because it allows for:

Join the Quest

At Circles Learning, we offer more than a job; we invite you on a quest to democratize quality education, and we want you on board.

To apply, send us an email at work@circleslearning.org. If you're a software developer, we highly value direct contributions to our open Github projects.

Current Opportunities

We might not have specific roles open at this moment, but that doesn't mean we don't need your talent.

Consider following us in Linkedin and be the first to know when a new opportunity arises.


SkillCircles is our playground where we learn directly from end users. We are currently creating courses in the arts because it's an area where we see people going into both to learn and socialize.

Our courses sell for around $200 while others courses with peer-learning sell for $1000 to $15.000.


We are building plugins that use AI to improve tasks that are key for quality education: Building great courses and giving constructive feedback, both students and instructors

There's a Github project on this. Circle plugins are an open source project and belong to us all. They are MIT licensed.


Is circles app used anywhere?

Circles was first adopted at scale by NYU's Prof. Damodaran in late 2022. Now, it's reshaping educational practices for esteemed institutions such as Fundación País Digital in Chile. How can circles app work for me?

Circles app is both for institutions and individual instructors. Email me, sebastian@circleslearning.org. We are looking for contracts and sponsorships to improve various aspects of the platform.

How is circles better than Canvas and other Learning Management Systems?

1. Canvas is like Photoshop. It's pretty cool, allowing you to build courses in any shape or form you'd like. Unfortunately, there's so many tools and tricks that instructors once and again revert to the (not so good) old ways of lecturing and forums. In contrast, circles app is opinionated, leading instructors down a single path that ensures great pedagogy.
2. Canvas cannot be self managed by students so courses with peer-to-peer learning and group discussions rely on heavy support from instructors, making them expensive to run.

How can I work for circles learning?

See hiring above. Contributions to circles learning on GitHub always welcome, and a good way to get hired.

Can I invest in the circles learning?

Email me at sebastian@circleslearning.org

What's the goal of the circles learning?

To accelerate quality online learning. We will commoditize Harvard-grade learning for everyone.

Looking for circles' legal agreements?

Here are circles' community guidelines, privacy policy, and terms of service. We'll be sharing SkillCircles' legal agreements as soon as we launch.

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